Shopify Rebellion and Moist Esports join forces for the NA 2024 Challengers

Recently, Shopify Rebellion has announced its collaboration with Moist Esports with the aim of building a new Valorant roster for next season's NA Challengers. The newly-formed team is none other thana mix of players from the two stables.

Shopify Rebellion is a structure particularly invested in esport Valorantwith both a men's and a women's team. The women's team has made a name for itself on the world stage thanks to its outstanding performances. As a reminder, their female players have risen to the top of the world rankings. at the Game Changers Championshiptaking second place after a close match against G2 Gozen.

If they stay on top again this year, the men's roster was not as successful in the NA Challengers and finished with rather mixed results. Shopyfy is not abandoning competition on this circuit... quite the contrary. Today, the American organisation begins a new chapter in its history.

It joins forces with the Moist Esports clubco-owned by content creators Cr1TiKaL, Ludwig and Super Spicy Matt. The aim couldn't be clearer: putting together an effective, high-flying rosterfor the next NA Challengers season. According to the official press release, the merger is the result of discussions between the two groups.

In fact, there's a bit more behind this newly-formed team than just a trade. As Ludwig explained in a recent videoThe Moist Moguls players have attracted a lot of attention for their performances in the Challengers. Shopify Rebellion was one of the organisations taking a close interest in this talent.

Seasonal results are not the only reason for this attraction... After the Challengers ended, some Moist members - brawks and flyuh - took part in various competitions with Shopify players - moose, mada and v1c, under the Lobster Fishers banner. And the least we can say is that they have made a real impact. They won no fewer than 40 matches in 42 games between June and the end of August. Enough to motivate Shopify even more!

The idea of maintain the momentum of this high-potential team. Initially, Ludwig proposed giving players the choice of joining either structure, but soon another solution emerged. The two clubs agreed on their vision for the future of their Valorant team, why not simply combine their strengths.

This is how the discussions began, in finethat MsX, Moist x Shopifywas born. The current roster includes flyuh, v1c, thief, mada and brawk. The 2024 season is still a long way off, so it's possible that the line-up will change between now and then.