Shopify Rebellion acquires Version1's Valorant roster

Recently, the American organisation Shopify Rebellion announced that it would the acquisition of Version1's women's Valorant roster. This choice was made shortly after departure of the previous team and means that the structure will remain part of the Game Changers circuit in 2024.

On League of Legends as on Valorant, Shopify Rebellion has been in the news a lot in recent months. For the record, the American club has acquired the TSM slot last September, joining the LCS. A few weeks after this major announcement, Shopify has teamed up with Moist Esports to put together an exceptional roster for the upcoming NA Challengers season on the Riot Games FPS.

Even more recently, the thanked his entire women's roster. As indicated by Dario WunschProgram Development Lead, Shopify Rebellion wanted to stay on the Game Changers circuit next season, "but still had to assess the possibilities open to her".In terms of players, before revealing more.

Today, Shopify Rebellion breaks the silence of the last two weeks and reveals its new roster 100% for women at Game Changers 2024. In a superb announcement video, we learn that the structure has quite simply acquired all Version1 playersnamely MeL, Noia, Florescent, Sarah and Alexis.

In doing so, Shopify Rebellion is getting its hands on some excellent competitors. Introduced last January, this combination of old Cloud9 WhiteImmortals, XSET and Misfits Black, dominated the North American circuit in 2023. At the Game Changers NA Series 1, MeL and his mates defeated ex-Shopify GC.

Thanks to their performance, they have earned enough points to secure their place in the Game Changers ChampionshipAlongside the other top women's teams in the world. As a result, Shopify has some very good players for next year, but at the same time acquires this famous slot. That's a pretty nice bonus when you consider that its former team narrowly missed out on qualification.

The Game Changers Championship kicks off on 28 November. You can watch the matches live on Valorant's Twitch channel.