Shattered, the cinematic of Episode 5 Act 1 of Valorant

Since this morning, Valorant players have started to discover the new features of Act 1 of theEpisode 5, and in particular Pearl, the new map. To announce this new Episode, Riot Games revealed a new cinematic that tells us more about the game's lore.

This kinematics is therefore called Shattered and if you haven't seen it yet, this is your chance to do so now.

From the outset, we find ourselves with three familiar female figures: Neon, Reyna and KillJoy. The latter seem to be on an infiltration mission to locate radianite. However, they are quickly spotted by enemies who have orders to neutralise them.

While KillJoy rushes to a control room to hack into the system and extract data, Reyna and Neon decide to cover her back. As they fight valiantly, Neon suddenly takes a bullet. A greenish smoke appears from which a new person well known to Valorant players emerges: Viper. The latter seems to be on the side of the enemies and determined to eliminate the intruders.

While Reyna confronts Viper, Neon creates a veritable power surge with her body's energy to eliminate the remaining enemies. Then, with the help of KillJoy, who has finished downloading the data she needs, the three Agents escape and find themselves in a room filled with books and objects that appear to be in their likeness.

They then came across a poster which showed Phoenix, Yoru and Skye, and where it says " Alpha Threat" . The Alpha threat. Neon then asks, "Are you sure we're the good guys?".

Through this ending cinematic, Riot Games questions everything we've already learned about the game's characters. Alpha Agents are supposed to be the good guys. What if they're not? What if they were the threat all along? No further information was given, but it's certain that this will not go unanswered and that we should know more in the coming weeks.