Sentinels recruits johnqt for the VCT 2024

The VCT 2023 officially came to an end on 11 September. While some structures have already decided to completely overhaul their rosters for the coming season, others have decided to take a step back, SentinelsThe majority of its players remain in place. The American behemoth has nevertheless unveiled a major change, namely the acquisition of johnqt. This talented in-game leader shone throughout the year in the NA Challengers, dominating the circuit with his M80 comrades. Thanks to this new recruit, the organisation could well be back in the spotlight in 2024.

After having dominate Valorant esport in 2021Sentinels has seen dazzling success... but short-lived. The rise of other teams and the emergence of more and more very good players have effectively changed the game. Even if it has managed to retain a special place in the hearts of fans because of its effective communication, the organisation has been relegated to the background because of its lacklustre results over the last two years. In 2023, Sentinels was ejected from the Lock In Brazil in the first round, then finished seventh in the VCT Americas, before missing out again on the Valorant Champions at the LCQ NA.

This latest failure can be explained, in part, by the absence of a real in-game leader at the end of the season. For the record, Depphwho took on this role at the beginning of the year, left the organisation last Mayin agreement with the latter. At that time, Marved was given the position of in-game leader, somewhat by default. His lack of experience in this position has definitely not been to Sentinels' advantage. In order to get back on track for success in 2024, the structure had to fix this problem.

Sentinels has therefore found a solution with johnqt. With this new acquisition, the american firm acquires the talent of an excellent in-game leader. Unlike Marved, that's actually his role. As well as knowing how to lead a team, he's particularly versatile - he plays both Initiator and Sentinel.

Recruited by Ghost Gaming in 2022, johnqt's main achievements include won the Nerd Street Gamer: Summer Championship. Along with three colleagues, he was then signed by M80. It was with this new team that he was spotted. M80 dominated the NA ChallengersThe team has gone from 20th in February to the 2nd best team in the overall NA rankings today. Qualified for the Ascension tournament, the captain led his team-mates to the final thanks to an excellent run in the lower bracket. Even though they eventually lost out to The Guard, the M80s still made history on the American scene with their performance.

A few days ago, Sentinels announced that renewal of the TenZ contract. At present, no information has been released regarding the fate of the other members. However, according to the data available in the VCT Global Contract Databasezekken, Sacy and pANcada still seem to be on board. With such an experienced team under the leadership of an equally experienced captain, Sentinels has all the keys to return to the top and shine once again on the Valorant scene.