Sentinels recruits pANcada and Sacy, two former LOUD players

The next edition of the VCT will be quite different from what we have known so far. With the new format, Riot Games has created three major leagues, namely EMEA, Pacific and America. Just like Cloud9 and Thieves, Sentinels has secured its place in this close league. While the structure had its heyday in 2021, 2022 was unfortunately not so rosy. The slump may well end in 2023. In order to complete its roster and dominate the Valorant scene again, Sentinels acquired pANcada and Sacy. These two Brazilian players come straight from the LOUD structure, a structure that won the Valorant Champions this year.

From supremacy to decline

In the first year of competition, Sentinels dominated the Valorant scene, winning the Pop Flash or the JBL Quantum Cup. The structure then took the lead over the other teams in the VCT 2021. That year, Sentinels has signed TenZ, the man still considered one of the best players in the world. After a string of regional podiums, the team also established itself internationally and reached its peak with its victory against Fnatic, in the final of the Masters 2 in Reykjavik.

Sentinels win Masters 2 in Reykjavik

Unfortunately, as time went on, other teams took their place and gradually took the lead. Sentinels left its leadership position to Gambit Esports in the third Masters of the year. Sentinels was the leader in the VCT points ranking, but still got a free pass to the first edition of the Valorant Champions. Once again, they faced a tough challenge from some very experienced and determined competitors. The season ended with a TOP9/12 for the red coat.

While the structure still has a strong following, its performance in 2022 was not up to scratch, either at the regional level or during the international LANs. For the NA LCQ, Sentinels had acquired the talents of the legend Shroud and the player Zellsis. Despite these changes in the roster, the team failed to deliver and thus saw its trophy dream vanish. It must be said that other teams have been very strong in the NA region, such as The Guard, XSET or even OpTic Gaminga finalist in the Valorant Champions.

A return at the top?

Selected for the VCT 2023, the structure has set itself the goal of putting together an unbeatable roster. This heavy task has been entrusted to the new coaches, SyykoNT and kaplan. If the TenZ has been renewed, this is not the case for all former Sentinels players. ShaZaM and Dapr, although they have been part of the team since its beginning, have been sidelined.

Shortly after the staff changes, the organisation announced the acquisition of Zekkena very good player fromXSET. He is a very versatile player, and is the first piece of the puzzle in the Sentinels' bid to restore the red shirt.

The changes continue and Sentinels may well get it right. This weekend, the organisation revealed the signing of Sacy and pANcada. These two Brazilian players excelled throughout the year, culminating in the Valorant Champions. Under the colours of LOUD, they raised the Valorant Champions 2022 trophy.

With his Fade and Sova, Sacy contributed greatly to his team's victory, finishing the Grand Final with an impressive KDA of 70/51/44. In the hands of controllers such as Omen or Viper, pANcada was also decisive in this game. Sentinels benefits from two talented players who are used to top-level competitions. This should help them return to the limelight next year!

For the moment, the active roster still includes Shroud, who had mentioned his desire to continue his career on Valorant. However, there is no guarantee that the player will actually be part of the final roster for the 2023 VCT. Other excellent players, such as Yay, have not yet announced their future home for next season. The ex-OpTic Gaming should make disclosures during the day. Could he be the next addition to the roster? Suspense...