Sentinels finalises 2023 roster with Sick

In order to build the best possible roster for the VCT 2023, Sentinels recently unveiled its final missing piece. SicK, who was already active for the organisation in 2022, had stepped away from the competitive scene for a while. He will now make his comeback at the top as sixth man and will play alongside Zekken, Sacy, pANcada, Dephh and TenZ. The North American structure is now ready to start training in order to shine at the Kickoff Tournament planned for next February.

The VCT 2023 will take a brand new shape, with 3 new major leagues: EMEA, Pacific and Americas. In total, 30 teams were selected for this closed league. Last year, the rosters in the VCT had to contain 5 players at minimum. This year Riot Games has declared that all participating teams will have to line up 6 members to the competition.

To comply with official regulations, an important transfer window phase has started all over the world, in order to get the best players in the world. It must also be said that the number of talented players available on the market has exploded. This is simply due to the fact that many structures have not been franchised and have released their roster.

The Sentinels organisation is determined to improve its image next year, by signing zekken, then two former world champions, namely Sacy and pANcada, but also the very good player Dephh. The contract of TenZ having been renewed, only one player was missing.

Following the announcement of the recruitment of Dephh, we question the future of Shroud in the 2023 roster. That question was answered last night when the Sentinels' Twitter had fun revealing not the sixth man, but the sickth !

During the last season, Sick had moved away from the competitive scene and had been sidelined. His decision was motivated by health problems, as he revealed on the networks. He took advantage of this communication to reassure his community and to specify that he would return to play at a professional level. It is now done!

He and his team will have to face other big teams in the Americas league. Recently Cloud9 has unveiled its brand new roster, and at the same time the acquisition of yay, one of the best players to date.