Sector One withdraws from esports

The Belgian structure, Sector One, has just announced the complete cessation of its esports activities , both on regional and international levels. This decision follows financial difficulties encountered by the organisation in 2022.

Sector One was created by a group of friends in 2014. Although the structure was initially focused on League of Legends, it quickly expanded to other games, including Valorant. In a few years, it has become one of the most influential esports organisations in the Benelux.

After just over 9 years, the directors have just announced the cessation of their esports activities at all levels for an indefinite period. In their press release, they explain that they have encountered difficulties in maintaining the standards they have set up so far, notably due to financial problems.

Since last year, Sector One has had a Valorant team on the French circuit. The structure even obtained the title of French Champion at the end of the first split, beating Team BDS. However, the rest of the year was more complex. With its new roster, the organisation finished 8th at the end of Split 2. During the off-season, it also failed to reach the top of the rankings in either Lyon e-Sport or French Cup.

Sector One did return to the French competition in 2023, with yet another team. Nevertheless, it started these Challengers France with three defeats, against Valiant, SBG and Mandatory. Despite this announcement, the roster will continue Split 1, as stated by the League.

The players will continue to play in the competition under the name BLX UTD. They will also keep their place for the second split. Furthermore, the league will support the team in their search for a new structure.

We'll see them again tonight, as they will match against Joblife from 8pm.