Sector One splits with iDex

As the 2022 season draws to a close, it is time for the structures to put their rosters in order. That's why, after an eventful year in VRL France, the Belgian team Sector One recently announced that it was parting with its captain: iDex.

Sammy " iDex "Weghe began his adventure with Sector One as captain at the start of the 2022 season. Former Last Dance player and commited in the Valorant Open Tour, he was recruited by the foxes to play in the VRL France.

His first split in this new league went extremely well, as Sector One have won by a landslide. They won against teams such as Vitality, Team BDS and OG, who were normally the favourites for the competition.

With this victory, the team has qualified for the EMEA Challengers Promotion which, as the name suggests, allowed two teams to move up to the VCT. Unfortunately, the foxes did not manage to shine and ended up last in their group, but also of the tournament.

For the second split of the VRL France, they had a title to defend and that's why the roster had been revised. Goodbye Goaster, SHIN and KONEQT, hello OLIZERA, qpert and saiko. However, these new recruits were not enough to get Sector One back on track and the players finished this second segment in eighth place.

Since September, the team has started to separate from its members. MARCTYLINHO led the way, quickly followed by LohaN and saiko. Three weeks later, it was iDex's turn to be fired.

The player has not yet found a new structure for next season, but he indicated on his social networks that he is open to offers to play in VRL or VCT. We hope to see him back on the competitive scene in 2023.