SBG MIX Introduces Its Team For The Challengers France

The France 2023 Challengers are about to begin. The tenth and final team of the French League was presented at the very beginning of the year. If we knew that it was the Supra Beaux Gosses, also named SBG MIX, we did not have any information about the players. However, the veil was recently lifted. The roster is mainly composed of former VRL players, namely TaKaS, nataNk, LogaNN, beyAz and Wailers.

SBG MIX is one of the new faces in the French Valorant League. The team has acquired one of the vacant slots, following the departure of structures such as Team Vitality or MAD Lions. Although the team name is new, the players are not newcomers. The Supra Beaux Gosses are none other than TaKaS, nataNk, LogaNN, beyAz and Wailers, used to high-level competition.

TaKas and LogaNN have been part of the Valorant scene since the early days of FPS. After a period under the tag Opportunists, they co-created the DfuseTeam, with their former teammates. Under this new name, they joined the VCT 2021, even participating in the first ever European Masters. Thanks to their good performances, these two players have been signed by BDS, for the rest of the year. While LogaNN continued his career within the Swiss structure, TaKas joins Karmine Corp at the VRL Split 2. On his side, nataNk represented Team Vitality during this second segment, a team that eventually won and was awarded second place in the VRL Finals tournament.

The roster is completed by two FPS enthusiasts. beyAz is a former professional Counter-Strike player. During the first year of Valorant's life, he participated in various competitions, winning for example the LeStreamxBMW tournament, alongside Akumaaaaa. Before joining the competitive scene on Riot Games' FPS, Wailers, used to play on CallOfDuty. He was part of Team Vitality, at a time when Gotaga was also a professional player for the French structure. Unlike the other members of the team, he has not yet had the opportunity to play official matches on Valorant. Nevertheless, he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his skills very soon... For their first Challengers FR, SBG will face our players on 14th January at 9pm!

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