Ruination, the new Valorant skins collection

The new skins collection Ruination has been teased by Valorant developers in a video on the HITSCAN YouTube channel. This collection will contain skins for the Phantom, the Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, as well as the melee weapon

This new collection is inspired by the lore of League of Legends, particularly that of Viego. The skins are reminiscent of Riot's MOBA champions such as Viego and Thresh and give the weapons a ghostly appearance, with blue/green as the base colour, but with variations in purple, orange and green are also available. The melee weapon is taken directly from Viego's in League of Legends. These skins also unlock a death animation.

Le pack de Skins Ruination
An overview of the Ruination skins collection

According to Valorleaks on Twitter, the price of the weapons alone would be 2175VP, the melee weapon would cost 4350VP and the entire collection would cost 8700VP. This means that you can expect to pay €25 for a weapon, €44 for the sword and around €100 for the whole package. Note that by buying the whole bundle, you will also get a player card, a spray and a gun-buddy.

The collection is expected to be released shortly although no date has yet been announced.