Riot August develops a new agent

August 'Riot AugustBrowning, one of the leading creators of League of Legends, has announced on Twitter that he will be working part-time on a new Agent of VALORANT.

August joined Riot in 2012. He is the designer of Vi, Jinx, Gnar, Ekko, Jhin, Senna, and most recently, Viego. He also supervised the reworks of Rengar, Kayle, Morgana and Wukong. It is worth noting that he has already worked on champions with firearms, so he will surely be at ease on Valorant, despite the fact that he comes from a MOBA.

On Twitter, August responded to a tweet asking if he had considered an ultimate blinding everyone and teleporting the user to an enemy agent. The Riot employee enthusiastically replied that he "loved the part where no one can see". So we can assume that the Agent August will be working on will potentially have abilities that blind his opponents, or even his allies. But is this just a reference to Nocturne from League of Legends and Omen, or a real clue as to what he will be working on?

August is also known for using the mechanic of 3-shot passive. This one, already well in place in League of Legends, could thus make its appearance in Valorant, even if it is difficult to see how it would be applicable there.

Unfortunately, we don't have any more information about the agent August will design. We don't even know if it will be the next one or not. In any case, this new character should be full of surprises, given August's past.