Riot talks about Valorant business model

In a new post on the official website of Valorant, Riot Games tells us more about the business model of its FPS and its philosophy in terms of content to unlock. This is an opportunity to learn more about weapon skins and cosmectic elements.

A model around cosmetics

Riot games again assures current and future Agents will always be available for free. Each new Agent will be accompanied by new contracts that will unlock them. In addition, the experience required to unlock Agents should be reduced at the official launch of the game. It’s a proven recipe in League of Legends, so it’s not surprising to see it used once more.

Spending money will therefore only bring you cosmetic content. It’s also important for Riot to offer free cosmetic content, to be unlocked via the various contracts.

Stylish weapon skins, without negative advantages

As Valorant is an FPS, its developers decided to focus on weapon skins before anything else. They can affect the weapon’s texture, but also its sound effects, its animations and its graphic effects. Some skins will be evolvable and will have more or less pronounced transformations depending on the number of Radianite Points invested. On the other hand, in order not to create a positive or negative advantage against a player with a skin, only the player equipped with the skin will be able to benefit from its sound effects, animations and lights.

Valorant Battle Pass

Even if it’s not quite called that, the current contract system is already a kind of Battle Pass. It’ll be expanded at the official release of the game, with a free way and another one that you’ll have to pay. The rewards will of course be different from one way to another.

In addition, players will soon be able to use two contracts slots. It’ll therefore be possible to progress on two contracts simultaneously. For example, gaining XP on an Agent’s contract as well as on the general contract.