Riot wants your opinion on Pearl, rankings, esports and patches

In order to improve its FPS, Riot Games is asking for the community's opinion. In this survey, the studio is interested in the game experience of each player, as well as their feelings towards Pearl and patch 5.00. The questionnaire also addresses the subject of Valorant esport in its entirety.

In order to make Valorant a fun game to play, Riot strives to listen and hear the complaints of players. Often raised by the community, in-game toxicity is a subject taken very seriously by the studio. Complaints about smurfs are commonplace, too. In order to improve the gameplay experience, the developers are currently testing a new detection system of these new accounts. But that's not all, the developers are also changing the agents in response to feedback. Yoru's rework is a perfect example. So it's not surprising to see the studio asking the players for their opinion once again. And that's a very good thing for the FPS!

Bearing in mind that many maps have evolved since their release, for example Icebox recently, it's possibly that Pearl gets some changes in the future. Available for testing for several weeks, it has convinced many players, but also disappointed many others. What's cool is that you can tell us what you don't like about the new map, or what you like about it!

Through the following link, you can directly access to the form. If you too would like to contribute to the well-being of Valorant, it's time to have your say!