Riot wants to improve the Spectator Mode of Valorant

Many tournaments are organised every week on Valorant since the launch. It can be denied that there's a real enthusiasm from players for these kinds of events, even if the views don't always follow. However, there's one point that is unanimous: it's absolutely necessary to improve the Spectator Mode of Valorant.

Currently, Valorant Spectator Mode consists of the most basic functions, with a free camera and the ability to go from one player's point of view to another. However, it lacks many tools, but above all a clear and consistent interface.

Tournament organisers and spectators no longer hide their dissatisfaction with this, but so does Riot. In response to another tweet of discontent, Anna Donlon explains:

Totally agree. Our spectator features as they exist at launch were not designed for broadcast and are by no means esports ready. We are working to evolve these things in advance of any official kick-off of our game as an esport.

Anna Donlon

Riot Games is therefore well aware of the weaknesses of the current Spectator Mode. It remains to be seen what Donlon means by the official launch of Valorant as esport.

Two days ago, Valorant official website unveiled the Valorant Ignition Series, a series of official tournaments, but created and organised by different esports structures. The first event taking place in two days, we doubt the tools will be available at that time. Are the tools ready before a hypothetical grand finale?

Either way, event organisers are going to have to do their best with current tools for a little while.