Riot wants to decrease the Defenders advantage

Valorant Patch 1.11 is expected to have its patch notes released today before getting applied tomorrow. Along with the arrival of Skye, which we already covered in detail in our guide, this patch should be the first of a new development for Riot Games. Indeed, the developers are not satisfied with the balance between the two sides and intend to fix the problem. According to them, the Defenders have too much of an advantage in Valorant.

This is a problem that manifests itself on all maps and has been seen for a while in the esports scene. Defenders win the game more often that Attackers. According to Riot Games, this is quite normal, as it's more difficult to create plays as an Attacker than to maintain your positions as a Defender. According to Riot Orcane, this was expected and the development teams believe that Attackers will regain the advantage when the players have better mastered Valorant. However, the gap between Defense and Attack has widened a little more than they wanted, which will require some changes.

Since this is a general advantage on Valorant itself, it's not so much the maps that are questioned, but the Agent meta and how they shape the course of a game. The first to be found guilty are the Sentinels, like Killjoy or Cypher. They are too effective at locking down areas or conveying information all over the map, hampering Attacker's initiatives.

The two bearded men, Breach and Brimstone, are seen as the two Agents capable of turning the tables. Even if Breach seems very powerful from his last buffs, it would actually be a simple impression. According to Riot Orcane, players feel that Breach is very present because he has abilities that are very easy to notice, but his win ratio is actually the lowest of Valorant. Breach actually still has the same flaws as when Valorant was launched: he is made to coordinate teams, which is rather rare outside of the very high level. Brimstone is said to lack flexibility, compared to Agents like omen. He is more effective in Defense than in Attack.

The patch 1.11 should therefore bring a first series of changes in order to balance everything. Nothing very significant at first, but small adjustments should bring the game back to a better balance. Getting as close as possible to 50-50 Attack and Defense ratios is more important than ever, just weeks away from the launch of Valorant First Strike.