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Riot unveils the content of the Act 3 of Valorant

As expected, the Ignition Chapter will kick off its final Act next week. Riot Games unveiled a brand new map yesterday, Icebox, but as you might expect, this is far from the only new thing to come. In an announcement posted its official website, Valorant developers list us what is planned for Act 3 and show us the next Agent.

New map: Icebox

The new map of Valorant is Icebox. We talked about it yesterday and there aren't many details about it, other than that it will be available in unranked from 13th October, but available in competitive games only two weeks later, on 27th October. This will give players some time to get used to this new playing field before risking their ranking, while the developers can hunt down any bugs that may appear.

However, we learn that Icebox was initially scheduled for the Episode 2 of Vlaorant (which should start at the end of 2020). By rushing the release of this map somewhat, it's the release of the new Agent who is being pushed back a bit. The developers want to ensure the stability of the two elements. We remember that the release of Killjoy Killjoy was not done without many stability issues which forced the deactivation of the newcomer.

New Agent: ??????

Failing to know her name, her role or anything, we at least know her look! This new Agent will therefore be released on 27th October.

New Valorant Agent from Act 3
New Agent of the 3rd Act of Valorant.

Even if we don't know anything about her, you can guess that she is related in some way to forest animals. She does indeed have a strange bird on her shoulder, while Valorant's official Twitter account posted an image of some sort of wolf or fox sharing similar physical characteristics. Maybe she is a trainer, a summoner, a shapeshifter?

Competitive overhaul

The first round of changes for ranked games will be up on 27th October, when Icebox becomes available in competitive mode. We've covered these changes in detail, but, as a reminder, Riot will:

  • reduce the ranks gap authorised in the same group
  • allow you to choose the server on which you want to play
  • change the rank evolution for Immortals

Battlepass and Skins

New Act, new Pass. Valorant third BattlePass will be available from the launch of Act 3 on 13th October. It will once again contain 50 different rewards.

New collections of weapon skins are also expected.

So Riot Games seems to be picking up the pace when it comes to adding content. Valorant's Act 3 will begin on 13th October, which is a week from now.