Riot explain how the Agents and maps will be released

In a new video posted on Valorant France official Twitter, Anna Donlon comes to shed some light on how the episodes and acts work and what to expect from them. She also explain the release schedule of new Agents and new maps.

Ignition is the first episode of Valorant. The development team decided to use the word " Episode " rather than " Season " because the latter has been used so much that it no longer makes much sense according to them. Riot plans to release a new episode every six months, each one telling part of the story of the Valorant world.

The Episodes of Valorant are divided into three Chapters. So the duration of a chapter is about 2 months, but some chapters may be longer in the future. Each chapter has a Battle Pass and exclusive rewards associated with it.

Riot plans to bring new content to Valorant with each new episode and each new chapter. The release of the episodes must be significant, so it's at these times that the biggest additions of content, like the maps, and mechanical changes will happen. The start of a new chapter will always be accompanied by a new Agent. Valorant should therefore welcome 6 new Agents per year.

Riot doesn't yet know whether to add a game mode to each episode or chapter, but they confirm that a new game mode should appear before Chapter 2 is released. It would be another "funnier" mode, like Feel The Rush.

In addition, an illustration teases the next Agent of Valorant by revealing their silhouette.

Valorant: Teaser of the Chapter 2 Agent
Valorant: Chapter 2 Agent Teaser

It's usually quite difficult to make predictions just on a silhouette. This silhouette, on the other hand, corresponds relatively well to an old promotional image of Valorant. Look at the character on Raze's right in the image below.

Valorant: Old promotional image
Old promotional image of the Valorant cast

In all likelihood, this character ended up becoming Reyna. But it's quite possible that this look was kept for another character. Or maybe Riot is making fun of us and puts us on the wrong track. Nothing is certain yet, but there's only a month left before being in the picture.