Riot Games teases its 19th Agent

The final of the Valorant Champions 2021 took place last night, makingAcend the first world champions of Valorant. It was also an opportunity for Riot Games to tease its next Agent.

A short video was shown during the opening ceremony of the event, in which the publisher hinted some information about the next character to join the game.

In this video, we can hear a woman's voice, so we can logically conclude that this new Agent will be one. The cinematic shows a human silhouette, inside of which are a series of more or less blurred lines of code. We can make out the phrase " Two Old Numbers ", which comes up frequently.

All these codes make us think that she might be able to hack other Agents. This hack wouldn't necessarily be related to their abilities, since KAY/O is already able to neutralise the abilities of his opponents. But it might have something to do with sound, since at the beginning of the video, we hear a choppy, hard to hear sound.

According to some Twitter users, this new Agent could be from the Philippines, as she's said to say " Lintik kayo", "Lintik" meaning " Lightning " in Filipino. Nothing is certain, however, as apart from this clue, Riot has not revealed anything else that would indicate the woman's origins. However, KaijuQgle tweeted that the full saying in Filipino is " Malintikan sana kayo", which means " I hope you get struck by lightning". Perhaps another hint at the abilities she might have?

On our way to Brimstone's office, accessible from the game's training range, we were also able to hear a communication that would give some information about this Agent. An unknown male voice left the following voice message for the Controller:

Bonjour Brimstone! I have sent you my intelligence for Number 19. The file is quite comprehensive, Kingdom keeps far too much data on its employees. As you see, her abilities are uniquely suited to help with the... special project... She is a perfect fit I think. Unfortunately, I cannot reach out to her directly, there is a... past misunderstanding that may make her... less receptive. But, as a fellow K-SEC Veteran I'm sure she'll meet with you! Appeal to her sense of service, she gets that from her family. This is exciting, no? Good progress!

Voice message to Brimstone – Unknown caller

The next Agent would be the nineteenth, which would be consistent with the message. She would be a woman, but she would also be a former employee of Kingdom, the largest organisation on Earth that seeks to harness the power of radianite. She would have worked in the humanitarian branch of K/SEC, just like Brimstone. Brimstone is said to be involved in a project with the mysterious person who left him the message, but we don't have any more information about this.

To find out more, we will have to wait for the next few weeks for new teasers to be unveiled by the game's publisher. This new Agent should nevertheless make its appearance duringAct 1 of Episode 4 of Valorant. And with what we've seen for Chamber's release, we're already looking forward to seeing what Riot has in store for us this time.