Riot teases a new sunny map

Act 3 of the Episode 2 is fast approaching! The Patch 2.08, which should arrive on Tuesday night, will logically bring substantial content for Valorant. In any case, Riot Games is starting to tease what could be a new Agent, or even a new map ?

A summery image was shared on the official Twitter account of Valorant:

Each new episode of Valorant usually brings a new Agent, so it could be a teaser related to an Agent from the islands. That said, we've learned on Reddit that Valorant's developers like to tell the game's story through new maps and we've been promised "a big piece of story in the near future". So we have to wonder if that's what this is all about.

Originally, Riot Games intended to release a new map at the launch of each episode. They have since reversed this decision, admitting that Valorant didn't yet have enough maps for a competitive game, let alone rotations.

It remains to be seen if this is a new map and if so, will it be accompanied by an Agent? Nothing is less certain. When Icebox was released, the next patch that was supposed to to introduce Skye created many problems. In an interview of Joe Ziegler, Game Director of Valorant, that we conducted at that time, he talked about the process of deploying new content and the desire of his teams not to make the same mistakes again.

That being said, maybe it's just a teaser for summer skins, or an artwork to symbolize the return of warmer weather.