Riot takes on passive cheaters and rebalances the ranks

The fight against cheating is a never-ending struggle. Riot Games is about to take further action against cheaters. The firm seeks to punish passive cheaters and repair the damage they may have caused to the ranks of the victims.

Along with closer inspection of suspicious profiles, Riot Games will also tackle those who passively profit from cheating. If you regularly play with a cheater in your party, you're now liable to be punished. The exact sanction isn't detailed, but it would last 90 days. We imagine that this will be a temporary ban, at least in ranked games.

In addition to chasing after these thugs, Riot Games wants to right the wrongs done to opposing players. Those who have lost games against cheaters will soon see their rank rebalanced accordingly.

As Riot explains in its announcement, punishing cheating isn't enough, it must also be discouraged. Earlier this month, the firm teamed up with Bungie to sue the cheat software vendors. Cheating in Valorant is becoming more and more difficult and more and more expensive, which hinders the ambitions of those who don't want to follow the rules.

An esports game in which several thousand euros are regularly payed cannot tolerate the slightest cheat. As a first step, all Valorant accounts will be subject to automatic inspection using Vanguard. But for all players involved in official competitions like the First Strike or the Champions Tour, Riot Games will conduct more in-depth inspections before and after each match.

Riot Game's goal is to preserve the integrity and value of its leaderboards. The credibility of these rankings is absolutely vital to Valorant. As a result, the climb to Radiant will now be slower. This will give more value to the title and the players who succeed in reaching it, while allowing more time for anti-cheat systems to detect violators.