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Riot offers free VP in exchange for drawings

You would like a Valorant skin, but unfortunately lack a handful of VP to get it? There's a solution to get free VPs from Riot without going through the checkout... but through the drawing board.

It's pretty much a tradition today: for years, League of Legends players who are missing a few RPs to buy a skin could ask Riot Games Support to credit them. The Riot Games Support generally accepts, in exchange for player-drawn artwork.

The creation doesn't have to be particularly pretty or technically advanced. The important thing is that the subject is League of Legends and that the heart is there. Most players sketches characters in Paint, with varying results.

Well, this exchange is also possible in Valorant. This is what /u/randomlitbois found on the Valorant subReddit. Riot Games Support accepts to credit some VPs, in exchanges for a drawing on a Valorant theme. In the case of /u/randomlitbois, it was a drawing of Sage in situation.

The drawing of randomlitbois
The work of art by randomlitbois

This isn't an abuse of the system, nor a hidden exception. This is a voluntary process that Riot Games publicly acknowledges.

So watch out, smart kid who intends to submit one drawing per day, thinking of accumulating VPs for free. This is still an exceptional deal that only works once per account. And it only applies if you're really close to buying a skin.

The artworks received by Riot go to their private collection. Sometimes they display some of them on different occasions. A gallery is available on the official website of the company.