Riot Games unveils the alpha version of Valorant's elite mode

Earlier this year, Riot Games presented the future of esport on Valorant. In addition to the new format of the VCT 2023, we learned that a competitive game mode, internal to the FPS, was in the works. If we had little information on this subject, this is no longer the case. Next week, some players will have the privilege of testing the alpha version of this mode entitled " Elite mode".

Valorant is slowly establishing itself as one of the major games in the esport world. In order to make the competitive scene accessible to more players, and to bring out the future pros of tomorrow, Riot Games relies on its new Elite Mode.

In its communication, the studio explains how it works. This is an additional mode, in which you can build your own team of five players. It also appears that you will be able to choose and customise your logo, and your team name.

Create your team with the new Elite Mode in Valorant
Customize your team logo in Valorant Elite Mode

What will be your goal? Participate in tournaments established directly in the game, duringa season. You will compete against other teams of similar level, within a division. The visuals reveal the presence of Division 11, for example. It is assumed that the placement of teams in the different divisions will depend on the average MMR of the players in the division.

Jon Walker, Designer in the Competitive Team, also explains that each competitive season will span several weeks, and will include several weekly matches and tournaments. If your team is strong and performing well, it could earn enough Elite points to participate in a final divisional tournament at the end of the season. The latter will award the Divisional Champion title to the best players.

Your team will have its match schedule directly in play.
Compete in tournaments with your team in the Elite mode of Valorant.

Among other information available, it appears that Elite Mode matches will work with a Pick & Ban system for maps.

Pick and Ban example 1 - Elite mode of Valorant
Pick and Ban example 2 - Elite mode of Valorant

While the long-term goal is obviously to allow all Valorant players to try the Elite Mode, the first large-scale test will be in small groups. Brazilian players will have the opportunity to test various features of the mode with the alpha version, such as the creation of a team, tournament play or the Elite scoring system.

Moreover, Riot Games reminds us that the version tested will indeed be an alpha, and that this Elite Mode has only 60% of the planned functionality. We're obviously looking forward to seeing how it's organised when it's released, and how much it can influence Valorant esports on a larger scale.