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The next Agent is postponed by 2 weeks

While each next Act usually marks the arrival of a new Agent or a new map, this would not be the case for the Act 3 of Episode 3. Indeed, Riot Games has just announced that the next Agent has been pushed back by 2 weeks and will not be released in Patch 3.09, but in Patch 3.10.

Could it be the famous Deadeye who has been showing up little by little for a few months now?

The Agent behind the explosion of Fracture?

On 21st June, Valorant players discovered WATCH, the video of the first anthem of the game, and at the same time, a potential new Agent. It didn't take long for the most seasoned researchers to get their hands on the first information about this new character. Tall, wearing a suit an glasses, equipped with a more or less singular weapon on which a name can be read: Deadeye. Floxayyy, a dataminer, quickly revealed on Twitter that he had found this name in the game's source code, shortly after the release of Patch 3.0.

Since then, Riot Games has been dropping hints here and there, sometimes almost imperceptibly. In particular, the release of the game's new map, Fracture, has let to several hypotheses about this mysterious Agent. Deadeye would, in all probability, be linked to this location.

In the video teasing the map, two sniper bullets can be seen colliding, causing a powerful explosion that would split the place in two distinct spaces: Omega and Alpha. The Agent would be the one who caused this incident, with the help of his alter ego from the Mirror World. At least, that's what the game's developers have suggested by placing sniper equipment on either side of the map, along with mobile phones and radios.

A French Sentinel?

Over the weeks, more information has been released to players. Deadeye, if that is his name, is a Sentinel, as are three other Agents already in the game: Sage, Cypher and Killjoy. There are also several hints that he is French.

A Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish. We won’t reveal much more, just know that once you achieve that dream moment, it will be magnifique!

John Goscicki, Character Producer

This sentence, which can be found on the page "Stage of the Agents" of the Riot Games website, and is in English. However, the last word "magnifique" was deliberately written in French. This small detail suggests that Deadeye, if not French, is at least from a French-speaking country. This page also reads "CTRL+F Next Agent", the F possibly referring to the nationality of this new character.

With the deployment of Patch 3.07, two new voice lines have been added to Fracture. One of them is: "Warning, Vincent Fabron is no longer permitted on facility grounds. A person resembling Fabron must be reported.". This name has a very French connotation, and could be the real identity of Deadeye. In addition to revealing a name, this communication could make the connection to the explosion that occurred on Fracture and the fact that our Agent could be the cause of it. This would explain why he is no longer allowed to set foot on that field.

The teasing intensifies

Recently, Riot Games has started teasing its new Agent again, notably through Twitter posts. On 26th October, players were treated to a gif showing a circular shape. This shape is very reminiscent of the shape we had already seen on a business card used to tease Deadeye, and could correspond to the symbol of one of the abilities of the future Agent.

Riot Games then revealed another gif, this time showing a bullet lying through the air, which could potentially refer to one of the abilities of the Sentinel.

The latest gif shows a weapon, probably Deadeye's, replicated in several copies that form a circle around the aforementioned business card. It's now hard to have any doubt that this card is indeed linked to the new Agent, and that this weapon will be reserved for him. Perhaps as an ultimate ability ?