Riot Games reveals Pearl's story anecdotes

A few weeks ago, Valorant players were able to discover Pearl, the new map of the game. This is the first map to be located under the ocean, offering a very different setting from what the community has been used to over the last two years.

Recently, Riot Games posted on its various Twitter accounts of small anecdotes about the history of Pearl. We explain everything in this article.

Pearl's hidden story

This Thursday 14th July, a post was published on Twitter to give players more details about the history of the game's new map.

We therefore learn that the code name of the card was Pitt, an information that had already been more or less revealed by some leaks accounts. But why Pitt? Simply because a deep chasm was located in the centre of the map. The developers admit to having developed narrative and artistic concepts to support Pearl's nickname.

In the first tests on the card, testers could see a giant crab who was watching them. It was outside the dome and was there to encourage the players. We don't know why it was removed, but it's a shame, isn't it?

It is also known that Pearl could have been divided into two parts : a part outside the water and one in the depths of the ocean. It is assumed that the players would have started on the above-water part of the map and then moved to the below-water part. It is assumed that players would have started on the above-water part of the map, and then moved to the underwater part. The aim was to allow the community to discover and explore the depths at their own pace. Unfortunately, as we have seen, Pearl is entirely underwater and it is not known why the developers did not keep the basic idea.

Pearl's basic concept

Finally, if you are observant enough, you may have noticed that Strategies are hidden in several places on the map. You can find one of them fishing, as revealed by Riot Games. If you want to know where the others are, you'll have to look for yourself.

Hidden strategies on Pearl

That's it for now. We hope that the developers of Valorant will speak again in the coming weeks to tell us more about this map.