Riot Games reminds us of Fracture's zip line safety guidelines

The Valorant Champions Tour 2022 concluded with LOUD's victory against OpTic Gaming. Although the North American team did not win the cup, they did make their mark on the competition. We would even say that they won the title of The most unlikely ace of the tournament thanks to crashies.

During the group stage, OpTic Gaming faced the players of BOOM Esports. Played in three maps, this match will remain in the annals. After one win each, the two teams battled it out on Fracture. In the eleventh inning, BOOM Esports, trailing 7-3, tried to surprise OpTic with a spin through the zip lines.

From the very first seconds of the game, the five players set off on the zip line. Unfortunately for them, this attempt to circumvent the law did not go quite as planned. crashiesThe OpTic Gaming player anticipated the opponent's move, but did not expect to find himself face to face with the entire team. Stuck on the zip line, the BOOM Esports players found themselves at his mercy. Sad and hilarious at the same time, this situation ended with the elimination of the entire BME teamBefore a single player had even had the time to get down on the ground...

On TwitterCrashies himself laughed at the situation, saying that it was the best ace of his career The whole assembly, including the BOOM Esports players, smiled.

To honour the memory of these fallen soldiers, and to avoid any further incidents, Riot Games would like to remind you of the safety instructions concerning the zip line. Since the last update, you can find a message from the K-Sec Team on Fracture, in which it is written :

After an unfortunate accident that took the lives of 5 members of our Everett-Linde team, we would like to remind you that zip lines should only be used by ONE PERSON AT A TIME. Your safety is our priority. In order to ensure your safety, we ask you to follow the instructions.

Tribute to the crashies against BOOM Esports on Fracture

We hope that you have learned your lesson, and that you will not be fooled in your turn... Final reminder: one individual at a time!