Riot Games presents the VCT OFF-sEASON

The off-season of Valorant has begun and promises to be a long one, as the Valorant Champions ended much earlier than the previous year. However, don't panic, this doesn't mean that there won't be any more competitions to watch. In a recent article, Riot Games revealed all events which should be a feature of the Valorant competition scene in the coming months.

EMEA off-season events

Crossfire Cup Mediamarkt and Intel

This tournament will be offered from 3rd October to 12th November by the team in charge of producing the VRL Spain.

VALORANT REGIONAL League Türkiye Invitational

This time it is the players from Turkey who are organising their own event, from 3rd to 9th October.

REGIONAL VALOR League Dach Evolution: Unity

From 3rd October to 18th December, the coaches of Freaks 4U Gaming GmbG are offering an offline tournament, the final of which will take place during the LAN Dreamhack Hannover, Germany.

Red Bull Home Ground 2022

The Red Bull Home Ground is back for its third edition. Some of the best teams on the European scene will compete from 9th to 11th December in a Home and Away format. Find all the information about the competition on the website of the Red Bull Home Ground.

BME Superdrome

Born in Egypt, the Superdrome is an international championship that brings together the best teams from the ANMO and EMEA regions. From 13th to 22nd October, they will compete offline in Cairo's stadium for the $30,000 cash prize.


From 21st October to 27th November, some of the best teams in the EMEA region will compete in the new off-season tournament: the G-Loot Clash. Registration for the qualifiers will take place on 3rd October and the qualifying round will be played from 19th to 23rd October.

French Cup

The French Cup will take place from 27th October to 11th December. It will feature several teams from the VRL France, some teams from the VRL Polaris and Dach, but also rosters from the Open Tour France and the Open Tour Benelux. A large part of the competition will be played online, and the final stages will take place in Montpellier, during the Occitanie Esport.

Lyon e-Sport

After an online edition, the Lyon e-Sport will be a physical event this year. It will take place from 11th to 13th November and will allow 32 teams to compete for the €15,000 cash prize.

The events of the off-season on the American continent

Vava BTS Sunset (Brazil)

This event is organised by Beyond the Summit and will take place from 30th September to 9th October.

G4 Rumble

Played on 1st October, the tournament featured several teams of content creators competing for the $20,000 cash prize.

Copa Rakin (Brazil)

Brazil's most popular influencer tournament returns for its seventh edition, from 25th October to 4th December. 30,000 Brazilian real are up for grabs for the occasion.


The competition will feature eight previously invited professional teams and four qualifying teams from North America. The qualifiers will be played from 8th to 9th November and the main event will start on 10th November and finish on 13th November.

Knights Arena VALORANT Freezeout (North America)

This is one of the biggest events of the off-season, with 256 teams competing in a knockout bracket. A selection of agents will be put in place so that there can be no duplication in a match. Each team will choose its agents in turn. The tournament will be held from 15th to 18th December and any player can register to try to win the $25,000 prize money.

Spike Series Invitational (Brazil)

For its third edition, the Spike Series Invitational has a prize pool of 20,000 Brazilian real. It will take place from 5th to 11th November.


The Movistar Game Club in Santiago (Chile) will host a LAN from 28th to 4th November, where four guest teams will compete. Fans will be able to watch the games and participate in activities.

Ludwig x Tarik Invitational (North America)

This tournament will be the first of the 2023 season as it will take place on 14th and 15th January. It will bring together the best teams and content creators from around the world. The professionals will compete against each other to see who will be the best team, while the creators will play showcase matches to entertain the public.

Pacific Region's off-season events

TEC Challengers Series

This event is for teams from South Asia and South East Asia. Four teams will be selected from the former region and two from the latter. Two other teams will be directly invited to join the group stage. From 29th September to 13th October, they will all try to win the $30,000 dollars.

TEN 5_ Valorant Korea vs. Japan Showmatch

On 3rd October, DRX (Korea) will face Northeption (Japan) in a single match, hosted by LOUD Corp.

Valorant India Invitational by Galaxy Racer (GXR)

From 18th to 20th November, the world of esports will meet the world of music. For three days, the best international teams will compete in a new format that has yet to be revealed. The event will take place in Hyderabad, India.

Penta Pro Series - Valorant

This event will once again involve South Asia and South East Asia and will be divided into three phases, from 28th October to 18th December. First, there will be qualifying rounds, then playoffs and finally a final round. The latter will take place in Bengaluru.

TEN 5_ Valorant Special Match

On 4th November, LOUD Corp is organising a meeting between the best Korean and APAC teams. The tournament will take place at the Busan Esports Arena (BRENA).

Gwangju Esports Series (GES) Asia

This competition is organised by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in partnership with the city of Gwanju and the Asia eSports Center. It will invite 4 representative teams from the region to compete in two knockout rounds. This will be followed by the semi-finals and then the final. The tournament will be held over two days, on 26th and 27th November.

WCG Rivals - Valorant : Korea vs Japan

On 16th December, Korean and Japanese influencers and professionals will compete for the cash prize.

Afreeca TV SEA Invitational

This week-long event aims to crown the best team in Southeast Asia. It will take place from 29th November to 4th December.

So you have a wide choice of competitions to watch around the world. So you can have a great off-season!