Valorant matckmaking improved

A few weeks ago, Patch 3.10 brought changes to Valorant's competitive mode, notably on matchmaking.

In an effort to reduce the number of smurfs in-game, Riot Games made the decision to remove the rank restrictions for groups of 5 in the competitive mode. This change meant that the waiting time to find a game had to be lengthened. It may have been a little too long, as the publisher recently tweeted that changes had been made to cut the wait for players in half.

For the moment, this change does not seem to be very effective and the feedback from players is quite mixed, even ironic for some.

Lets go dude! 20 minute queue instead of 40!!!

@Splashzyy - Twitter

EU 5 stack queues never took that long.

@EssailBNS - Twitter

We just waited more than one hour for a 5stack and didn't find.. what happened ?

@pluckz2g - Twitter

Among all these comments, there are a few from players who seem to be satisfied, but this is till far from the majority.

Thanks guys, that’s a quick response !

@SexterHS - Twitter

In addition, many players have complained about the totally unbalanced matchmakingsince the changes made with Patch 3.10. Many players find themselves in games with players who are much stronger than they are, and often smurfs. The aim of the patch was to considerably reduce the probability of playing against smurfs, but this does not seem to be a success at the moment.

It's now hoped that Riot Games will find a way to remedy these problems, and that they will continue to work to make the game experience more enjoyable for everyone.