Riot Games launches the FragArtist contest

Riot Games has just announced on its official French Twitter account the organisation of a contest called FragArtist. You have an incredible skill, you are a clutch pro or you have epic fails? Then this is for you. But what does it consist of? We tell you more in this article.

The contest #FragArtist is simple. You will be able to record your best (or worst) actions and share them on the official Valorant Twitter and Instagram accounts. Three categories are highlighted:

  • Pure Skill: Your wildest and most incredible moves.
  • Clutch: You recently won a round in 1v5 and in a completely crazy way? Then you are in the right category.
  • Epic Fail: Well... That says it all.

In order to participate, all you have to do isrecord the action of your choice using Twitch Clip, NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights or OBS Studio, then post it on the social networks mentioned above with the hashtag FragArtist.

The contest is already open and you have until midnight (Paris time) on 7th March to participate. Once this date has passed, the actions will be judged by a jury composed of WiPR, Emash, Maylie and Kitty. The selection will take place during theFragArtist show which will be presented by Lutti and broadcasted on her Twitch channel, as well as on each of the jury members' channels.

In each category, four actions will be selected and their authors will receive prizes according to their ranking.

  • 1st: Jett's or Phoenix's Statuette + Valorant Jogging + Valorant Sweat
  • 2nd: Valorant Jogging + Valorant Sweat
  • 3rd: Valorant Jogging + Omen T-Shirt
  • 4th: Omen T-Shirt + Valorant Cap

But that's not all! The community will also be able to vote for their favourite of the twelve actions chosen. The author of the one that gets the most votes will then be named the ultimate FragArtist and will receive a special reward : a picture of his or her action.

Are you convinced? Then let's go! Don't forget that you have until 7th March to participate.