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Riot Games is working on a Replay mode in Valorant

In a new Ask VALORANT, Riot Games confirms the arrival of a replay tool to see your own games again.

The replay features are hard to implement, but are invaluable. They allow competitive players of all skill levels to have a critical look at their own parts. At present, professional players already record their games and training sessions. They also review their own games, but also the games of others. The aim is of course to analyse the different strategies of the players, but also to see their own mistakes.

Most competitive games of the moment, especially FPS games, now offer these options. Riot Games had already created a very powerful tool for League of Legends, offering a lot of possibilities and advanced statistics. We hope to benefit from their expertise in this field.

However, we will have to be patient, since Riot has not even started working on it. It would be one of their next projects. Let's note anyway that recent developments in spectator mode are remarkable and should greatly benefit a replay feature.

It this same edition of Ask VALORANT, Riot Games returns precisely to the spectator mode. The developers say that while the tool has been improved, it's still far from meeting all of their expectations, as well as those of commentators. In order for Valorant to become high-quality esports entertainment, it's essential to offer numerous features.

This is the priority project of the team in charge. For this, the the Ignition Series provide an ideal environment to test new tools and see what works and what doesn't.

You will therefore have to be patient if you plan to analyse all the details of your games using internal tools. In the meantime, we advise you to record your games to do so. You will certainly learn a lot.