Riot Games unveils the countries taking part in Spike Nations #4

The Spike Nationsthe key charity event of the Valorant off-season in the EMEA region, is back for a fourth edition. This weekend, Riot Games has revealed the countries taking part in the tournament. While the overall concept of the competition remains identical to what we've seen in the past, there are a few changes.

The Spike Nations is one of the first major Valorant tournaments in the EMEA region, having been held for the very first time in November 2020. During this event, different teams - made up of professional players and content creators - compete in showmatches. It's not a question of determining which nation is the best in the region, the stakes are quite different. More than a real competition, Spike Nations is a charity event.

This fourth and new edition is marked by some changesthe fact that it will only bring together that six nationscompared with around ten at minimum at the last three editions. France, Spain, Italy, Germany, England and Turkey will all be present. On Twitter, many players and other personalities on the Valorant scene have expressed surprise at the absence of Sweden, Portugal and Turkey. Beneluxdefending champions.

A busy schedule of the off-season could be the cause. It is possible, for example, that the Swedish players preferred to concentrate on the Stryda Valorant Nordic Clash and that the Portuguese pros wanted to focus on the Challengers Portugal: Driftwhich take place at the same time as Spike Nations. On the contrary, it's not unlikely that Riot Games has chosen to create these events specific to certain regions/nations to give them more prominence, rather than including them in a 'more global' tournament.

The other big change is that Blast, the original organisers of the tournament, are no longer in charge of Spike Nations, replaced by GGTech Entertainment. This news is surprising, to say the least, given that last year.., Leo MatlockDevelopment Manager at BLAST, said that the group had every intention "strengthen its long-term relationship with Riot Games"..

It could simply be that Riot has called on the services of GGTech Entertainment for practical reasons, since the firm is based in Spain. However, unlike previous years, the finals will be played in physics, at the Gamergy in Madridfrom 15 to 17 December.

At present, the identities of the participants are still unknown, but we should soon know who will be representing France, given that the first phase of the tournament kicks off on Thursday 26 October. You can follow the matches on Valorant EMEA's Twitch channel.