Riot Games deploys its Text Rating system on all Valorant servers

From now on, toxic and harmful messages insults will be deleted immediately and responsible players will no longer be able to chat by voice or text on Valorant, thanks to the deployment of of the new analysis system and textual evaluation from Riot Games.

During the summer of 2022, Riot Games set up a new system in the United States to listen to and analyse in-game conversations on Valorant. The aim was to detect toxic or inappropriate behaviour, both written and spoken, and to record it before submitting it for moderation. After just over a year of development and testing, the text part of this system is extended to all servers.

In concrete terms, players who express themselves badly in-game will now be immediately sanctioned and in the middle of a gameThese players who break the rules of behaviour (and basic politeness) will no longer be able to communicate in-game, either in text chat or voice chat. Players who go against the rules of game behaviour (and basic politeness...) will no longer be able to communicate in-game, whether in text or voice chat.

This is the first step in the evaluation system being developed by Riot Games to curb negative behaviour. On US servers, it not only analyses text, but also voice exchanges. We imagine that it must be much more difficult to adapt this voice detection to all the languages spoken by Valorant players.