Riot Games announces the Valorant French Cup

This Sunday 3rd July, Vitality won the Split 2 of the VRL France, concluding the competition for this year. Following this victory, Riot Games announced that the French competitive season on Valorant was not yet over, presenting the French Cup.

What is the French Valorant Cup? It is a competition that will take place from 27th October to 11th December and which will oppose 16 teams. Among them, we will of course find all our VRL France teams, whatever their ranking at the end of this second split. Two teams from the Valorant Open Tour France will also be present, as well as two teams from the Valorant Trinity Trials, the equivalent of the Open Tour in Benelux. Finally, two other teams will receive an invitation to participate, but Riot Games did not give any further details about the selection criteria.

A large part of the competition will be played online. All qualified teams will compete for over a month in a double elimination bracket. At the end of all these matches, the three best will get their place for the final stages which will take place in Montpellier, during the Occitanie Esport, on 10th and 11th December. A total of 3.000 people will be able to attend the event.

According to Riot Games, the Valorant French Cup is intended to fill the competitive gap that occurs during the winter off-season.

To follow this new competition, see you on 27th October!