Riot Games and the RSAA announce the College VALORANT

Riot Games and the RSAA officially present the first season of the College Valorant, a university league exclusive to North America and Canada. The top teams in the competition will be awarded scholarships, offered by Riot.

What is the College Valorant?

The College Valorant is a university league separate from the professional circuit, exclusive to the United States and Canada. At present, the CVAL consists of four regions, namely College North, College South, College East and College West. Developed by the Riot Scholastic Association of America, with the help of Riot Games, it will include 3 different regional tournaments (Autumn, Winter and Spring). The top teams from each region will then compete in the College Valorant Championship, a 32-team tournament. The finals will be played in a LAN in Los Angeles. The winners of each tournament, including the Championship, will be awarded scholarships from Riot Games.

Although it will not normally be connected to the professional league, the CVAL aims to reveal future talent on the FPS. To find out more about the conditions for registration, go to the official website of the RSAA.

What is the RSAA?

The Riot Scholastic Association of America is an organisation that governs university competitions for Riot Games in America. It promotes the development of video games as a meaningful and complementary part of the high school and college student experience. It seeks to provide students with the means to play Riot games in a structured and highly competitive environment, in parallel with their studies.

Initially, the RSAA was created to take care of CLoL, the College League Of Legends, a college league dedicated to Riot Games' MOBA. Today, it still takes care of this amateur circuit, but extends its activity to Valorant.

College Valorant season format

As previously mentioned, the first season of the CVAL will be divided into 3 separate tournaments per region (12 tournaments in total). Each tournament has 2 phases (Stage 1 and Stage 2). During the first stage, teams will be divided into 32 groups of 4 teams and will compete in a Robin-round format. All matches will be BO3. At the end of this phase, the #1 of each group will enter Phase 2. Phase 2 will start with 2 knockout matches, then the double elimination format will apply for the TOP8.

The season will end with a live championship. The finalists of the different tournaments will automatically qualify for this final stage. Depending on their performance, the other teams will earn more or less points. In each region, the two teams with the most points at the end of the three tournaments will also qualify for the CVAL Championship. This competition will use the same format as the Phase 2 qualifying tournaments.

Important dates of the CVAL

  • Autumn Tournament: Phase 1 from 24/10 to 06/11 - Phase 2 from 12/11 to 12/12.
  • Winter Tournament: Phase 1 from 16/01 to 29/01 - Phase 2 from 04/02 to 26/02.
  • Spring Tournament: Phase 1 from 13/03 to 26/03 - Phase 2 from 01/04 to 30/04.
  • CVAL Championship: Finals scheduled for June or July 2023.

At present, no information has been issued about a potential transfer of the concept to Europe, but who knows, maybe one day!