Riot announces the Valorant tournaments Ignition Series

The Valorant ranked games arrive soon, and Riot Games is speeding up announcements regarding the competitive future of its game. The Valorant official website announces today the Valorant Ignition Series.

The Valorant Ignition Series is the official competitive series by Riot Games, in partnership with various esports organisations all around the world. Organisations are free to create tournaments in different formats, but benefit from the support and exposure of Riot Games.

The goal is to create esports events every week. They will allow experienced professionals as well as little geniuses still unknown to show their talent.

Valorant Crashing : Planning
Planning of the first week

For Valorant fans, this is the opportunity to attend high-level shows very regularly. As much for players and pros, this represents many opportunities to shine, but also to win cash prizes.

The first event will take place in Japan, from 19th to 21th June. Rage-esport will open the ball by inviting the biggest teams in the achipelago for a €4,000 cash prize. The same weekend, G2 Esports will organise in Europe a tournament in which the team captains will not discover their teammates until the day before the event.

In short, we expect lighter events as well as real stakes competitions. And these are only the first in a long series that should become clearer over the weeks. Since the tournament series will take its name from the first season of Valorant: Ignition, we can imagine that it will last at least until the end of the summer.

This model had already been adopted by Riot Games in the first years of League of Legends, with an official circuit managed by third parties (like IGN with IPL, for example) as part of a qualifier for world championships. Everything had finally given way to LCS, the official weekly competitions managed directly by Riot. Since the person in charge of development of esports on Valorant, Whalen "Magus" Rozelle, was in charge at the time of League of Legends, we can wonder if Valorant will have the same lead.

Follow the schedule of the Valorant Ignition Series