Reyna's Leer allows formidable combos

The newest of Valorant, Reyna, impose terror both in unrated games and in competition. Despite her popularity, it was only recently that we discovered what could be a rather surprising bug regarding her Leer.

It turns out that Leer is quite consistent, allowing players to put abilities on the created Leer. It may not sound much, but it allows a lot of interesting combos. It's the player Webbo who shared his discovery in a YouTube video where he shows all the interactions he discovered with Leer.

Technically, this creates formidable one-ways just about anywhere. Cypher and Viper can place their devices on Reyna's eyes. Even if Leer doesn't take effect for a long time, once Cyber Cage or Poison Cloud devices are placed, they can't fall to the ground, which allows them to be activated at any time.

Combined with Sova, Leer makes it possible to bounce the Recon Bolts on improbable angles. Even more useful, the arrow can be directly planted in the eye to easily inspect an area very quickly. It's a particularly effective technique used over walls or through dormers.

Finally, Leer allows Sage to boost a player even higher with her Barrier Orb, but that requires excellent timing.

Devant l’efficacité théorique de telles combinaisons, on imagine que Riot va se pencher sur les interactions d’Œillade prochainement. Les Cyber-Cage de Cypher avaient déjà été modifiées pour endiguer son potentiel de one-way.