Respawn calls for no more harassment of Apex Legends developers

Respawn Entertainmenta US-based video game development studio, recently issued a statement calling on gamers to stop to harass the developers of Apex Legends.

This Wednesday, September 22, Respawn Entertainment expressed itself on social networks. The studio asks its community to no longer harassing developers of one of its flagship games: Apex Legends. Indeed, it seems that cases of harassment have been increasing lately.

It's not clear what prompted the release, but there are a few things that could explain it. Earlier in the week, the studio hosted on Reddit two question and answer sessions with the game's developers, and these did not go well, as many many negative and rude comments had to be moderated. In addition, some members of the development team were victims of personal attacks and individuals on social networks.

This tweet generated a lot of reaction from the Apex Legends community. While most players agreed that there was no justification for the harassment, they did point out that the lack of action by the studio was surely the reason for this.

Hate and harassment is bad, everyone agrees, but when Respawn refuses to listen to community feedback, which is what happens, it's sad.

@N7joke - Twitter

No player approves of harassment and threats. That being said, you keep saying that you welcome feedback and comments from the community. Yet you do nothing to address issues such as audio problems, terrible matchmaking and server issues. Do you ever criticize yourself?

@_deralptraum - Twitter

Among the flurry of flowery comments, other game development studios have come out in support of Respawn Entertainment's teams. This is for example the case of Bungie Studios, the developer of Destiny 2.

To combat toxicity and harassment, we must all work together to build healthier communities. We are with you in this effort @respawn.

@Bungie - Twitter

In any case, we hope that this intervention will make the people responsible for these acts of harassment react and that this will stop in the coming days.