Replication, a new game mode coming soon

Riot Games unveiled today a teaser for the upcoming game mode of Valorant: Replication.

The teaser of Replication poster on Valorant France's Twitter shows us a confrontation between Cypher and Brimstone. Brimstone, in pursuit of the spy, runs into a tunnel and is surprised by a multitude of Cypher's Trap Wires, many more than are normally possible.

This video is not the only one to have been published. Indeed, two days ago, a second teaser leaked on the Twitter of Valorant News. It shows 12 Brimstone's Sky Smokes being dropped simultaneously and a spike also being planted by Brimstone.

Looking at these videos, one wonders how there can be so many abilities deployed in-game. If we take the example of League of Legends, Riot Games' MOBA, several theories can surface. One is the URF mode, which is one of the most popular game modes in League of Legends. URF mode drastically reduces the mana cost and cooldowns of spells so that players can cast their skills over and over again. In Valorant, there are no cooldowns and even less mana to speak of, but one can imagine a mode where abilities can be bought multiple times per round and at an extremely low price to replicate this chaotic result.

Replication could also be an adaptation of the One for All mode, where all players play the same Agent during the game: even if we only see one Cypher on the teaser, there could be 4 others who have put their Trap Wires before Brimstone's passage!

These questions should be answered very soon, as Riot has announced the release of Replication "soon". This new game mode could be released in the next update of Valorant.