Replays are coming to Valorant

In a recent Tweet, the Executive Producer of Valorant, Anna Donlon, stated that replays were in preparation for the FPS. No release date is envisaged at the moment. Nevertheless, this revelation is interesting, as it is a tool that is particularly awaited and requested by players.

Earlier this week, Riot Games released a video dedicated to the future of Valorant in 2023. Anna Donlon, along with Andy Ho, Game Director, discussed several topics, including a possible Team Deathmatch mode. At almost six minutes long, the video was not an exhaustive list of all the projects underway for the FPS. There's more than just the addition of Elite, a new mode or new Acts.

Among the things that were not addressed, replays are indeed a feature in preparation. As Anna Donlon said on Twitter, it will be a while, probably 2024, before they are integrated into the game.

In fact, this tool has been in the studio's drawers for some time. Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, Production Manager, spoke about this in a TwitLonger last year. He had indicated that replays would be added in the future and said that the developers needed more time to develop this complex system. For comparison, it took about five years after the release of Rainbow Six Siege before Replays were introduced in Ubisoft's FPS.

In this section we will discuss how this mode might work in Valorant. These are assumptions, as nothing has been confirmed about this. If we keep Rainbow Six Siege's Replays mode as an example, we can imagine that Valorant's mode will allow watch all or part of our matches. We could be allowed to review a match either from our point of view or through that of the opponents. It is also possible that the tool will allow us to navigate the terrain as we see fit, with a kind of a wall pass.

At the professional level, replays are of real interest. They bring an excellent way to analyse matches and understand mistakes, to better prepare upcoming matches. This tool can also be interesting for content creators, who can get new angles. We can't wait to see what Riot Games has come up with!