Recap of the second day of the Game Changers Championship

The top eight women's teams in the world are currently competing in the Game Changers Championship. G2 Gozen and Cloud9 White won their opening match during the first day. On the second day of competition, the players from Team Liquid Brazil and Shopify Rebellion GC have in turn imposed themselves, to the detriment of FENNEL GC and Guild X. The first play-offs will take place at the end of the day.

The Game Changers Championship is the final tournament of the Games Changers circuit dedicated to women's teams. This very first edition will crown the Best Women's Team of the World 2022. With their double victory on Day 1, the G2 Gozen have come very close to the title.

However, nothing is decided yet. The four new teams that played each other yesterday were determined to stay in the top bracket as well. Unfortunately, there are winners and losers in every match. The first match ended in a victory for Shopify Rebellion GC (CGRS), in the face of Guild X and the second by the defeat of FENNEL GC, against Team Liquid Brazil.

The Shopify Rebellion GC victory

It took three cards to separate the top two teams competing today. Shopify Rebellion first took the lead by winning Breezeafter an intense match that ended in 16-14. Guild X came back to the score by taking Haven, 13 à 11. The outcome of the match was therefore decided on IceboxA third card won by the CGRS, 13-4.

We salute the performances of Probe and LorriThe SRGC players contributed greatly to their team's success. At the end of the match, they had two very good KDAs: 69/49/26 and 70/49/28 respectively.

The Shopify Rebellion came out of this match victorious and kept their place in the upper bracket. They are currently playing their next match against Team Liquid Brazil. You can follow the meeting on the Twitch channel of Valorant.

Team Liquid Brazil wins

As in the previous game, the match was played in three cards. After a crushing defeat, 4 to 13 on Ascentthe Asian champions of FENNEL GC, carried by suzuhave won Icebox 13-8. On the last map, bstrdd and daiki Team Liquid Brazil was able to take the lead in the development of the Breezewith a score of 13-9. With 2-1 on the scoreboard, the Brazilian team won and stayed in the upper bracket. Now they are aiming for the upper final!

What a superb ace from the Japanese suzu!

Team Liquid Brazil and Shopify Rebellion GC are already battling it out for a place in the final of the top bracket, but you'll have to wait until later in the day to see the next clashes. X10 Sapphire, KRU Esports, Guild X and FENNEL GC have no room for error!