Reaver Skins are back!

Among all the skins available in Valorant, some sets stand out. Appreciated by many players, the RGX cosmetics have been given a version 2.0, which was just as popular. This skin is not the only one in this case, since it is now the turn of the Reaver, or Pilleur in French, to resurface, again...

Why again, you may ask? To find out more, go to the second section of this article!

The new bundle

This resurrection of the Reaver skin is of course only a not a republication of the previous collection. The latter contained a skin for the Vandal, the Operator and the Sheriff. For this new set, the Premium Content team is aiming for more from Valorant, while retaining its former glory. " the thick-but-flowing shapes, sharp angles, and glowing runes. It’s the canvas that sets the direction for the skin" . It is it the spirit of the Reaver according to the developers.

This set will therefore combine all these features into one cosmetic for the following weapons:

  • The Odin
  • The Phantom
  • The Ghost
  • The Spectre
  • The Melee Weapon
The new Reaver skins bundle

While the Premium Content team thought long and hard about the perfect melee weapon for this re-release, they all came to the same conclusion: elegant, understated but still eye-catching, the Karambit was still the best solution.

Also, Valorant recently posted an audio on Twitter, without giving any details as to its origin at that time. Some players, however, had their own idea: by synchronising this sound with the animation of the the Champions collection, they realised that it was a perfect fit, assuming that this new Karambit would have the same animation too! An assumption that turned out to be correct, as the promotional video posted today proves.

Edit: Each item does cost 1 775VP; though, the Karambit costs 4 350VP.

No information regarding the price of the bundle has been revealed, however it is very likely to be priced at 7 100VP as it is a premium bundle. If you want to get the items separately, you will probably have to pay 1 775VPs.

Attention fans of animations, evolutions and finishes. Like its predecessor, this new skin will feature a spectacular death animation, during which your opponent will be sent straight to Hell. In addition, you will be able to purchase variants for each weapon, including a white version, sumptuous, according to the developers.

The Reaver's Story

In a recent article published on the Valorant website, Sean Marino, Art Lead on Valorant and Preeti Khanolkar, Game's Producer, came back on the creation and evolution of the Reaver skin. You may have read a few snippets here and there in the previous section.

The very first prototype of the Reaver dates back to the year 2018, in other words to the early days of cosmetics on Valorant. It turns out that it was even a experimental skin, created to answer many questions, as Sean and Preeti explain: Could we even customize audio or change the gun’s silhouette without causing confusion? What if we pushed a skin too far?

It is thanks to this prototype that the design teams were able to test a new weapon model, very different, with animations, but also sounds, and a finishing touch to make us very happy. So, originally, the Operator had an animation called summoning, which did not meet with the unanimous approval of the testers. It was therefore withdrawn in favour of another, less complex animation that we know about.

In reality, we should not even have admired the final version of the Reaver. Initially, this skin was only produced in order to complete the other collections in progress, namely Prime, Oni, Elderflame and others. It was even buried for a long time. It was not until the release of the game, and when the teams perceived the burning desire of the players to get this skin, that the idea of reviving it emerged. It was time to resurrect the good old prototype.

Nevertheless, the resurrection had to be up to the task, at the risk of disappointing all the waiting players. Several collections were released before the famous Revear collection came back from the dead. The developers also allowed themselves a little wink to this revival, through the player card that accompanied the bundle at the time. It actually represented a group of mages summoning a revival spell to conjure something from the deads, as explained in the article.

The old player card from the Reaver bundle

The release of this long-awaited set was met with cries of joy on social networks and in the games, which delighted the Premium Content team. If the majority were content with this beautiful gift, some players already saw the potential of the Reaver and asked for more skins; this was particularly true for the Phantom and other weapons. From then on, the design teams had only one thing to do...

What had to be done was done, and here we are today writing about the new version of the Reaver. It is beautiful.