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Raze’s impressive Rocket Jump

We’re far from having discovered all the advanced techniques of VALORANT. By experimenting with the different abilities of Agents, players always find new ways to use them which are sometimes very impressive. Today, it’s Genesis Flights who makes us discover his Rocket Jumps.

The Rocket Jump is a fast-FPS technique that involves propelling yourself with your own explosives to gain a lot of momentum. Thanks to it, you can travel on paths impossible to take otherwise and reach particular places at very high speed.

Playing Raze, Genesis Flight combines bunny hop, Blast Packs and the Showstopper to surprise his opponents.

Of course, we can debate the viability of such a complex technique that requires the use of an Ultimate ability and which can easily fail, but it’s clear that, when it works, the show is amazing!

Unlike some boosts, like Viper's, this one doesn’t seem to benefit from a particular bug. Added up to the risk taken at each use, Riot will most likely not prevent it.