Ranked games temporarily disabled due to bugs

If you were planning to climb the leaderboard today, you'll have to postpone your plans. Riot Games has just announced on its social networks that ranked games are temporarily disabled due to major bugs encountered by players on Raze and Spike's sounds.

Since the deployment of patch 4.05 yesterday, many people have started complaining on social networks about bugs impacting their games. The first one that has been pointed out concerns the sound of the Spike's defuse , which seems to be inaudible at times, especially if you are on the defensive.

So I played some comp matches after the 4.05 patch and I can't hear the spike being defused, I am not far from it either, what’s going on? It happened on 2 maps, Bind and Fracture in competitive and on Icebox and Breeze during some Replication, my teammates couldn’t hear it either, haven’t tested the other maps but in all so far I couldn’t hear the spike being defused, only when I was on attacking side I could hear it…

_King_Phoenix_ - Reddit

The new Valorant update has a bug that means we can't hear the sound of the Spike defusing.

@marceulaaa - Twitter

But this is not the only bug that has been reported by the community. The second bug concerns Raze's Blast Pack ability, as well as her ultimate. It seems that if you use them, your weapon re-equipping speed is greatly reduced. While some people initially thought this was an unnotified bug in the latest patch, they eventually realised it was a huge bug. The Raze hands are not happy about this and have made their displeasure known.

Valorant killed Raze.

@LadiffYT - Twitter

Is the new raze nerf actually a nerf or a bug similar to the Jett one a few months back? Because this wasn’t even in the patch notes…

@Flights1_ - Twitter

As a result of all these messages, the developers at Riot Games have taken the decision to temporarily disable ranked queues in order to correct these problems without impacting the games and the ranking of its community.

Originally, this was supposed to last for an hour or two. However, due to the difficulty in resolving these bugs, a second tweet was posted, this time announcing that they hoped that the situation would be resolved by tomorrow. So we'll have to be patient and maybe find another activity to occupy our day. In any case, we hope that these problems will be solved as soon as possible.