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[Update] Ranked games delayed again

[Update of 24th June 2020 at 9:05pm] The issues that prevented ranked games from being activated appear to be fixed. Riot Games has just confirmed that the ranked games will be activated tomorrow morning, at 5am.

The Ranked Games were to be activated tomorrow if everything went well. But this is if everything went all. Riot Games reported discovery of new bugs following the deployment of Patch Notes 1.02. Some of these bugs being far too severe, ranked games are delayed again.

There are several bugs that forced Riot to postpone the availability of ranked games. As of yesterday, before the deployment of the patch, a bug in the game controls allowedthe activation of Cheats in custom and normal games.

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Other concerns appear to have arisen since then. Today, following patch 1.02, it's possible that a player appears on the opposing side at the start of a round. If we believe testimony on Reddit, it's also possible for some players to pass through walls, following the modifications made to the maps.

Ranked games won't be activated until all of these issues have been corrected. Riot Ziegler declares to be working very actively on these problems so that the ranked games are available as soon as possible.

Ranked games are still planned in patch 1.02. We're just talking about an additional delay of one to two days. We'll just have to be a little more patient.