Ranked Games arrive next week

It's been 2 weeks that Valorant was released, and a question remains on everyone's lips: when will ranked games be up ? According to Riot Ziegler, Valorant Game Director, ranked games will be up next week !

Having to play without stakes is soon over! Since the release, Valorant players have been a little desperate, if not bored, to chain games that have no impact. A feeling that pushes some to surrender games as soon as they don't go to their advantage.

If ranked games are to arrive next week, we can easily imagine that there will be a patch on Monday. The ranked games would then arrive a few days later, after the time required to make sure that the new version of Valorant is stable enough to open the competitive mode. That being said, an unforeseen event may occur and the ranked games may be postponed for a while once again.

As a reminder, the competitive mode should get changes, as the disappearance of the Valorant rank.

In the meantime, you have a short week left to train and get the experience you need to unlock Agents.