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Rank Rating Points and Leaderboards are coming tomorrow

In its live of preparation for the launch of the Episode 2, Riot Games has confirmed that changes to ranked games will arrive tomorrow. The most important are the arrival of Rank Rating Points and Leaderboards.

What are Rank Rating Points?

As we knew, Riot was working on its ranked game system, which struggles to satisfy players, especially at high level. The developers are therefore reviewing the system, starting with the removal of the famous end-game arrows that symbolised the result of a game. From now on, at the end of each match, you will earn or lose Rank Rating Points. These numbered values will give players a better understanding of where they stand as they progress from rank to rank.

This system is similar to that of League of Legends: to move up to a higher tier, you will need 100 Rank Rating points in the current tier. Wins and losses will impact your number of points depending on your MMR. If you reach 100 points, you go straight to the next rank (without promotion matches). If you are at 0 point and lose two games in a row, you fall back to the previous rank.

What's the point of having leaderboards?

To this system is added the new leaderboards. The players will be able to see exactly where they stand in the overall leaderboard and compare their performance to other players, live. They will also help keep the interest of those who have reached the highest level, since they can compare to other Valorant best players.

There will be different leaderboards for each region. They will be available both in-game and on a dedicated website, so that you can more easily follow the evolution of the scores.

These leaderboards are especially interesting for the most gifted players. This is an additional tool to get spotted by esports organisations and prove their worth, without having to wait for competitions to do so. For others, it's always a way to see their progress concretely.

Other significant changes

Finally, as announced in October, Riot Games will restrict the number of players who can go together in ranked game, starting from the Immortal rank. They will only be able to do it solo or in duo. This decision has two advantages for developers. The first is that it makes the leaderboard more interesting, the scores reflecting the individual qualities of each player. The second is that by preventing groups of 3, 4 or 5 to start a game, it should dramatically decrease the queue time to find opponents.

Over the year, however, Riot Games would like to create a satisfactory solution so that teams of 5 players can still play competitive modes. No details were given, however.

It's hard to imagine a ranked queue reserved for teams, this would only reinforce the initial problems of the current system. We can perhaps imagine a tournament mode, integrated into the game, over pre-defined periods.

Finally, the developers also shared their next goals for the satisfaction of the players in ranked games: AFKs and Smurfs. They are currently working on solutions to restrain these problems, and we should see the first results in the months to come.

Rate Ranking points and leaderboards will be available following the patch deployed overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.