Radiant Entertainment System, Valorant skins that have the good scent of retro games and pixels

Riot Games has announced a new collection for Valorant: the Radiant Entertainment System skins. Unlike the Black Market, these new skins, inspired by the visuals of retro games are colourful and pixelated!

The name Radiant Entertainment System is a direct reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System; the famous NES that brought Mario, Zelda and many others to our living rooms. Through the video presentation, we discover the different appearances of the 3 sets, all inspired by famous video game licenses. These references go beyond the Nintendo sphere, as the finish of one of the weapons is reminiscent of Ryu's best combos from Street Fighter, while another is inspired by Dance Dance Revolution by the presence of directional arrows on the weapons of the Dance Fever set. A knife skin directly evokes the Energy Sword iconic of the series Halo. The ultimate detail: it is impossible for anyone over 30 not to smile when they see that to reload a gun, you have to blow into the cartridge.

Rich in diversity and references, this new series of dynamic skins innovates by its designs, its finishs but also the soundtracks associated with each colour. Wanting to go further in terms of animations and effects, the developers had a field day with these sets.

This is not the first time that Riot Games has looked to nostalgia and the games that came before theirs. Radiant Entertainment System skins echo to Arcade skins and Final Boss of League of Legends. These ultra-popular skins are just as colourful and also adopt pixel-art effects and a large number of references.

This will be available from 25th April and in view of the number of finishs and the work done on this collection, there is a good chance that the whole thing will cost 9900VP.