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Private servers for official competitions

In a new Ask VALORANT, Riot Games announces the future arrival of dedicated server for official competitions. The future tournaments of Valorant will therefore be played in stable competitive environments.

This is news that won't surprise many people, but it's still very important. The first week of the North American First Strike was partly shaken up by the release of patch 1.11. An unstable patch which, not content with modifying the way the economy works in a game, was also full of bugs of all kinds that made Valorant almost unplayable in some cases.

A competitive environment has many advantages. It allows teams to play on patches that have been tested and stabilised, but that's not all. It also offers some security for players and games. In case main game servers overload, the official competitions would not be affected. Finally, a competitive server also allows players to be credited with some bonuses, such as all Agents, skins and potentially exclusive content to be displayed in tournaments.

As aforementioned, this is an expected decision. It's even surprising that this didn't happen sooner. Riot Games has already experienced all the logistical setbacks happening in Valorant with League of Legends.

The finals of the Valorant First Strike will be played on a private server, dedicated to the competition. In the meantime, Riot Games announced in patch 1.12 that there will be no more patches until the end of First Strike. This should both ensure that the environment for qualifiers isn't disrupted, but also gives Riot Games time to review its logistic regarding patch deployment, to prevent the failure of patch 1.11 from happening again.