Presentation of the Spike Rush, new Valorant game mode

The official release of Valorant marks the arrival of the Spike Rush. This is a brand new game mode, much faster and designed above all for fun.

A classic game of Valorant immerses us in an environment that can be stressful and requires being available for at least half an hour. The goal of Riot Games with the Spike Rush is to create a space where players can breathe and have fun on Valorant, in shorter games.

What's the Spike Rush?

The basic mechanics of the game remain the same. Two teams of 5 players compete on one of the available maps. Attackers have to plant the Spike on bomb sites, while Defenders must prevent them to do it.

It's in the rhythm of the game that things really change:

  • Games are played in 6 rounds (first to 4 wins)
  • Rounds are much shorter (1 minute 20 seconds)
  • Players start each round with all abilities (except the Ultimate)
  • Each kill earns two Ultimate points.

But there are three particularities that spice up the game.

  • Every Attacker carries a Spike.
  • There is no buy phase, all players have the same weapon, selected randomly at the beginning of each round.
  • Power Orbs appear on the map. For each match, 5 orbs are chosen from the pool of orbs available in the game.
At the start of each round in Spike Rush mode, a weapon is randomly selected for all players. In this example it is the Ghost.

Orbs with different powers

At the beginning of each round, 2 to 5 orbs with different properties appear at randomly selected places on the map. Orbs offer various powers to the player who picks them up.

There are 10 different orbs:

  • The Red Orb offers a persistent damage bonus until the end of the round.
  • The Blue Orb fully charges your Ultimate.
  • The Yellow Orb creates a ground area. Every player who walks on it will have a temporary movement speed bonus.
  • The Dark Green Orb offers a disabling disintegration bonus for 8 seconds.
  • The orange orb equips the player with a random weapon with an improved rate of fire and reload. If the weapon in the round is an Operator, this orb gives the wearer a second weapon.
  • The golden orb grants a golden deagle. One bullet is enough to kill the opponent.
  • The Light Green Orb heals allies by 10PV per second for 20 seconds when not in combat.
  • The Purple Orb reduces the vision and audio of enemies after a small delay for 10 seconds.
  • The Pink Orb increases the penetration of allied weapons. Any enemy hit is revealed for a short time. This bonus remains active until the end of the round.
  • The Brown Orb summons 2 wolves that track the two closest enemies. If they are hit, the opponents are slowed down and their vision is blurred. The wolves can be destroyed.