Pearl, the new map of Valorant

Riot Games unveiled this evening Pearl, the new map of Valorant and we already had the opportunity to get lost in its corridors. We give you a short presentation of this underwater map.

The specifics of Pearl

Pearl is a fairly classic map in appearance. Two sites to place the Spike. No special mechanics in the form of a gimmick. However, the dynamics of the map will be quite special for two reasons.

First, Pearl has a very complex mid. If the outer edges of the map are very wide, open corridors that lead directly from the spawns to the sites, it is all too easy to see threats coming, especially for sniper defenders. Attackers and defenders will then have everything to gain by appropriating the multiple interconnected corridors of the mid. These corridors are extremely thin and make grouped assaults difficult. The various traps and grenades can easily surprise their targets.

The other special feature of Pearl is that it is an uneven ground map, full of bumps and hollows. In some respects, it might look like a king of the hill because of its flat contours, but its midsection is made up of slopes and small steps. It is going to be difficult to line up your shots perfectly and predict where your opponents' heads will be.

Pearl, the new map from Valorant - valorant map pearl mid 6 -
The corridors are narrow
Pearl, the new map from Valorant - valorant map pearl mid 1 -
A lot of climbing in the Mid

Finally, there are many holes in the walls and back passages that can let projectiles, and in some cases players, through. Control of the midfield will be essential to rotate, as the outer edges and their angles make it extremely time consuming to get around, especially for attackers.

Pearl's websites

Site A

Site A - Pearl
Site A - Pearl

Site A is the easiest to access for both defenders and strikers. It is a small square with a single box in the centre. It is accessed via four different lanes. What makes it special is that it is rather narrow and can only be accessed via four staircases. The attackers have the advantage because they overlook the area from the top of the stairs, while the defenders are below.

Site B

Pearl, the new map from Valorant - valorant map pearl B site -
Site B - Pearl

Site B is probably the most interesting on the map. It too has four accesses, but all very different.

The Long B is extremely long. Once in this wide corridor with no junctions, attackers will not be able to turn back without losing a lot of time. This will be a corridor that will be a delight for snipers and long-range confrontations. It is one of the straightest and most open lines in Valorant.

When passing through the mid, attackers will have to pass under a walkway accessible only from the defenders' spawn. You will also have to watch out for the B Hall, a bit like the B site in Ascent.

The Compositions on Pearl

We asked HyP, our CAPTAIN!!!!! (if you spell it differently, you're wrong), which Agents he would like to see on this map.

Playable Agents :

  • Fade: Ideal for managing the comings and goings of opponents in the corridors.
  • Omen: Its smoke should make it possible to make many one-way trips.
  • Breach: When there are lots of walls, Breach can have fun with his spells.
  • Skye: She can easily scout the surroundings, whether it be with her wolf or her pigeons.
  • Neon: Its speed of movement should be very useful to catch opponents off guard.
  • Killjoy: Its turret allows it to monitor access and its nannites will be difficult to dodge.

Agents to avoid:

  • Sova: Too many corridors and corners for the arrows to be useful.

Pearl release date

Pearl will arrive with the patch 5.00 which will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd June.