Presentation of Fade, the 20th Agent of Valorant

Thanks to Riot Games, we had the opportunity to test Fade, the new Initiator of Valorant. She will be released on the servers with patch 4.08, and Act 3 of Episode 4, available from Wednesday 26th April. Fade is a character who is particularly effective in tracking. There is no doubt that the players will be able to integrate her into future compositions.

Cinematic presentation

Who is Fade?

Fade is an Agent from Turkey and Istanbul in particular. According to John Goscicki, Character Producer, every effort has been made to make her as authentic as possible, even in her abilities. For example, her prowler takes the form of a cat, a reminder of the very large population of felines that roam the streets of Istanbul.

Fade is agent 20 of Valorant.
Fade, 20th Agent of Valorant

Associated with the theme of terror She has a very dark side, both in her outfit and in her abilities. Her spell kit is not very colourful, focusing mainly on black, red and shades of blue and purple. Able to blind, stalk, deafen or restrict the movements of her opponents, Fade will make them live a real nightmare. While Sova also has the ability to collect information on its enemies, Fade offers new perspectives that may well impact his presence in the game.

Fade's Abilities

Fade is a tracking specialist. Her skills are all directed in this direction. They allow you to obtain a lot of information on the position of your opponents, but also to impact on their decision making by reducing their vision or audio.

Fade's prowling skill.

C - Prowler
250 credits - 1 charge

EQUIP a prowler. FIRE to send the prowler forward. HOLD FIRE to steer the prowler towards your crosshair. The prowler will chase down the first enemy or terror trail it sees, and nearsight the enemy on impact.

The Fade Haunting skill.

Q - Haunt
Automatically available - 1 charge - charges after 40s

EQUIP a haunting watcher. FIRE to throw. The watcher drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the watcher early. The watcher lashes out on impact, revealing enemies in its line of sight and creating terror trails to them. Enemies can destroy the watcher.

The Capture skill of Fade.

E - Capture
200 credits – 2 charges

EQUIP a knot of raw fear. FIRE to throw. The knot drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the knot early. The knot ruptures on impact, holding nearby enemies in place. Held enemies are deafened, and decayed.

Nuit Tombante: the ultimate in Fade.

X - Nightfall
7 points

EQUIP the power of nightmare itself. FIRE to unleash a wave of unstoppable nightmare energy. Enemies caught in the wave are marked by terror trails, deafened and decayed.

To find out more about Fade and the use of its skills, see our guide ! In it, we explain how each of them works and what impact they have in a game.